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Cards have always been a part of my life.
I remember making them for my mother when I was a child.
Simpler than what I make now, but always trying to make someone happy.

In my early years out on my own, when life was sometimes too sad,
I'd go to a store in search of cards.
Not so much to buy, but to look at.

Someone else's cards would lift my spirits and make me smile.

These days I am content with my life. Older, married, and still making cards.

They are about life's pleasures:

Tarts shaped like hearts.

A mama and baby asleep on a bicycle.
An antique teacup with blooming crocus.

I think a card can really make someone's day. Not only by the message sent, but also the artwork on the front. How I see life is expressed in my paintings. All the joy of colors, the details of the little story each card has to tell. I hope you'll agree that they are unique and touching.

I live a mile from my job, which is cooking for a country store in rural
western Massachusetts. Four mornings a week I walk down to work,
which gives me time to think about new designs. A card maker is
always thinking ahead to the next holiday or change of seasons.
So while golden leaves fall around me, I'll be thinking of winter.
Thoughts of love and Valentine's Day warm my heart regardless of the bitter cold.
In my imagination, flowers bloom even though the earth still shivers.
I always have a new painting to look forward to.

- Annette Rubino-Buckley. 2009








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